Monday, April 21, 2008

More NeoCon radicalism

Yet again, the psychopaths who would rule the world have distracted me from my studies in Arthurian Romance, etc. and compelled me to spend my meager book-acquisition-funds on Neoconservative Apologia...The better to refute, as well as understand the dangerous growth of Fascism in our once great nation. For that is what this is:Fascism. A union of Corporate and Government interests at the expense of all the rest of us. And this guy is a law proffessor, at UT, no less!!!
Rule by corporation has worked so well these past 8 years,after all... surely we can entrust these immortal fictions with our Natural Rights in order to save us from the scary terrists.....
What a pathetic fearful lot we have become.
I hafta go order this book, now, then stick my finger down my throat at the thought of contributing to this shill's retirement.I will report back when I've read it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On Education...

Now that my Wife is almost done w/ college and will soon be gainfully employed (if the world,as we know it, doesn't go down the crapper...)... I'm exploring an online degree for myself.
I figger if I can't hardly walk and 'dislike' the general public, I can't be a Chef, anymore.It's time, perhaps, that I make myself employable.
It's an expression of hope for the World that I am even contemplating this. I detest institutions and I hold in little regard the opinions and requirements of our contemporary culture.
However, if things don't fall apart, I need something to do.

I'm thinking a double major in History and Theology, then a masters in Anthropology or Philosophy, then eventually some kind of Doctorate. The only job around here that even remotely apeals to me, aside from Hermit/Philosopher, is teaching History, Government/Economics at the highschool. The fella who does it now has been there forever and is one of the worst Right Wing nutjobs I have ever encountered. My tax $ are paying him to force Fox news on unsuspecting kids and pontificate on the Evil of Liberalism, the Triumph of Xianity, and How The Republicans Saved Civilisation. (!)
For me to replace him would be Poetic Justice in the extreme.

I'm not sure how much freedom I have in "building" a degree. Don't know how this works.Esp. above BA.
I'm interested in Civilisation and Mythology and how they're connected viewed through the lens of Philosophy.
So, I want to be a 'Doctor of...?"... what?
If I had $, time and mobility, the College of St. Thomas More, in Ft Worth, appeals to me. As does Oxford.
But, with 2 kids, no $, living in my enclave in the Wilderness, I have to settle for what's within reach.
We'll see.

" Not failure, but low aim, is crime."-James Russel Lowell.
"Life is about failing at greater and greater things."- Goethe

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm already in a FUNK, b/c of this javascript:sendarticle('sendEmailLink', 'Global Gridlock: How the US Military-Industrial Complex Seeks to Contain and Control the Earth and it%E2%80%99s Eco-System ');

if that didn'tt work, see lower post or global research

So I'm already in a funk and had a couple of guiness' ....and the StinkEye from my Wife....
doesn't matter... go read th article.

Serpents lick my eyes...

I'd rather THEY engage in an all out6 nuclear war....
If you run the theme in this article out to it's fruition, you get HellWorld.

Unending Uber-Fascism. Worst of all possible worlds....
and with no effective recourse~
Bring on peak everything, sooner, rather than later///
Collapse is the only thing I can see standing between us and the Terrible Darkness that would result from the fruition of plans loke this...
If there is a God, May He save us.

the borg and world domination

What a dystopian world they would create.And we do nothing.
The mere fact that they're thinking of such things is evidence enough that they no longer work for us.A worst case scenario, almost too horrible to contemplate. Could this be why the Terminator movies play repeatedly on basic cable?
Where does such will to power originate?Were they abused as children? Abandoned? Raised by wolves?
To concieve of and to actively work towards such a global controll system is bordering on non-human.
How would one fight such a regime? Hubris does carry it's own achilles heel, but I have not identified it.
The desire for such Godlike power should deeply offend evryone on the planet, especially those who call themselves Christians. Remember the Tower of Babylon? And this brought to the drawing board by 2 administrations , and using OUR money. We are to pay for our own inescapeable prison!
Hopefully the sleeping sheep will awake in time, ....
I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


More anomalous behaviour.
I like to fish naked.Canoe naked. Garden naked. Hang out naked.
Luckily neighbors at the end of the road are not so observant...
I've never understood what the big deal was, in our society about nudity.To equate a state of undress exclusively with sex, or even perversion, is in itself perverse.It indicates just how sick and disconnected we are as a people.
When I could still walk purty good, I'd kayak down the river, buck naked, Stop to fly-fish, or maybe hike up a little side creek. There's nothing like being naked in the wilderness. Best meditation... Aware. Really a part of one's environment. To condemn such activity ... well, that just blows my mind.
One of the main, root problems with folks today is our disconnectedness from nature. This springs directly from monotheistic dualism; the idea that we are somehow separate, apart, from this world.
I know... there I go , raggin on religion....but refute, please.
From Augustine and Origen to Dobson and Fallwell, the 'flesh', the material, is viewed as separate and Evil.
Taken to it's (il-)logical extreme, this stance advocates destroying the only world we know, objectively, exists in order to make way for some (imaginary, un-proveable) "new heaven on earth".
Perhaps, if we could cast aside dogma and learn to think we would have no need of some new , improved heaven and could be satisfied with the one we have already been given.

Fish Naked!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Political Hybrid

Why do we persist with this Left-Right dualism?I'm as guilty as anyone. Just finished this:
I love this woman and usually agree with most of what she says , but I reserve my caveats.
After years (decades) of the Right's accension and the deregulation, 'free-market' frenzy, it will take just as long to repair the damage. Massive investment in infrastructure, health and education is required... and the Neo-Fascists will fight to the death and srceam"communism!!!!". I agree wholeheartedly that we should begin to take our country back.
However, the Left is still milking the teat of the Right's sacred cow.
Cornucopian , Corporate 'Capitalism' and self censorship lest they get tarred with the ' Pinko" label.
Where is the dicussion of Peak Oil? where is the talk of dismantling the corporate state?
In my own experiance with entrepreneurial endeavors, it's the regulations that apply to the smallest of us as if we were Walmart that are a fundamental problem. For regulation to work it has to be enforced equally, but with wisdom. As an organic farmer, I was inspected and bothered about every damned detail. My gigantic competitors had lawyers and consultants and staffs to deal with this, as well as money for campaign contributions and lobbyists , and enough scale and market-share to set prices. Low prices worked for them, and against me in a world of stagnant wages and hidden inflation. The industry standards, arbitrarily set by the biggest players, not because it was better (it wasn't) but because it was one more straw on the backs of small, local growers. Standards for manure and compost handling in the national organic rules are next to impossible for small organic growers.

The point is, I'm all for regulation, and Free Enterprise, but we have to talk about how the Big Boys have stolen our means of taking care of ourself. How they have rewritten the law and the rules to outlaw self sufficiency and self-employment. There is no reason to coddle corporations at the expense of little, local business, unless you believe in Cornucopia.Efficiency is used to justify the rise of big business. No print is given to the idea of a finite world or uncommodified quality of life.
It's not just Farming...
I talk to local Democrats . When I talk about getting 'the government out of our business', they equate that with all the corporate 'deregulation' nonsense of the past 30 years. Of course, I am not Exxon Raytheon or Cargill. The big ones have been deregulated at our expense. We have been regulated into a corner where the entrepreneurial spirit has been starved out of us and we will line up for a 'job' at Mcdonald's.
Ther is some recessive gene in me that expresses itself in not being able to function in a corporate 'environment'. I'm too smart to ignore inefficiencies and stupid, wasteful, low-quality ways of doing things.
This means trouble in corpworld where one is expected to do as one's told. This has infected what 'small' enterprise still exists.I'm speaking from experience in food-service. Quality goes out the back door in order to 'compete' w/ the giants.One has to cheat at every opportunity. And go into massive debt.
This is unsustainable and need to be adressed , where is this argument from the Left?
As usual, objective reality and the mythical reality are diametrically opposed.
The myth says that quality wins in the marketplace.
With the current upheavals on Wall street, does anyone truly believe this?

Perhaps in the long run. But for too long, malfeasance and avarice and willful denial has won, at the expense of all our quality of life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

On being Bipolar...

Manic Depression sucks!It does explain a lot about my life,tho.
Sucks the most when I'm in a mental frenzy and can't walk from the damned arthritis. When I can go putter around in the barn, or whatever , it's alright. But when I'm stuck in my chair, or (worse) in bed,and there's crap on tv, and I can't read when i'm manic, ....well, it just sucks.
I've been trying to tell myself that I'm 'allergic' to alcohol. It affects me differently than anyone else I've ever known. I surmise that I've been self medicating all these years when I was on my way up into mania. I'll stay up as long as there's alcohol available!!
Real jekyll and hyde.
I've managed to get it down to once a week, or even 2; but it's very hard. I prefer Weed, but it's so hard to find.... everyone has been "compromised" by law enforcement.

I've resisted medication.
I have a PDR in my library, and am an information junkie, and don't trust Big Pharma as far as I can throw them... "Deregulation" and all....
Frankly, the drugs indicted look worse than the illness. I'm just not ready to go there.
I've joined a Webring(upper right, I think) in the hopes that someone out in the ether will see this. It gets dicouraging shouting down a well. I know I bitch and moan a lot., but I'd still like to be heard. .

The variety of Bipolar I have, as near as my shrink and I can tell, is rapid cycling. Seems like the " garbage-can" diagnosis to me, where they put you when you don't fit anywhere else. It figures, Like I've said, I'm an anomaly.

Any way, thanks for the forum and howdy-do to y'all on the ring...

"Life is about failing at greater and greater things."_ Goethe